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Stabilize Clay Subgrade Soil – Part I

This video describes the benefits and advantages of using ROADBOND EN 1 to strengthen and improve clay Subgrade soil.  The video discusses how ROADBOND EN 1 works to improve the soil and reviews the results of various lab tests and field trials conducted by independent research and testing entities.


Stabilize Clay Subgrade Soil – Part II

This video documents the performance over time of ROADBOND EN 1 when compared to lime stabilization in similar soil types and traffic conditions.


Enhance Portland Cement and Flyash

This video describes how ROADBOND EN 1 is used to reduce the need for conventional stabilizers such as Portland cement and flyash.  The video also illustrates how ROADBOND EN 1 will significantly reduce block cracks and maintenance on asphalt pavement.


Improve Roadbase Material and Recycled In-place Material

This video provides information and test results about how ROADBOND EN 1 is used to reduce the need for new base material to be imported to the jobsite and how to utilize existing in-place material in order to save time, money, and transportation costs.


Stabilization of Oil & Gas Drilling Locations / Lease Roads

This video offers information about the use of ROADBOND EN 1 to stabilize clay Subgrade soil and crushed stone base material on drilling locations and lease roads.  The video also details the environmental benefits of using ROADBOND EN 1 to reduce the carbon footprint associated with energy production.


Environmental Benefits and Advantages of ROADBOND EN 1

This video describes and documents the significant environmental benefits achieved when ROADBOND EN 1 is used instead of lime stabilization to advance a sustainable environment.  These benefits include reduced CO2 emissions, reduced water usage, and less energy consumption.


Long-term Benefits of ROADBOND EN 1

This video chronicles the long-term performance of ROADBOND EN 1 over a 9 – 18 year time frame.  It also examines the inferior long-term performance of other methods of stabilization.

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