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Reduce: Amount of Portland Cement & Flyash

Soil Cement Stabilization

ROADBOND EN 1™ is used to enhance the effectiveness of conventional stabilizers such as Portland cement and fly ash. This means the amount of conventional stabilizer can be reduced by 40% to 50% without a corresponding drop in strength.

Many tests clearly indicate a significant strength gain when ROADBOND EN 1™ is used with conventional stabilizers. The Texas Department of Transportation conducted strength tests on sandy gravel base and 4% flyash, with and without ROADBOND EN 1™. The result was an increase from Class II base with fly ash alone to Class I base simply by adding ROADBOND EN 1™ to the mix design.


  • Reduce The Carbon Footprint And Environmental Impact Of The Project
  • Saves 25% To 35% Of The Cost Of Conventional Stabilizers
  • Significantly Reduces Reflective & Block Cracking Commonly Associated With Portland
    Cement Stabilization
  • Less Down-Time Waiting For Third Party Vendor To Deliver Bulk Material
  • Reduces Water Requirements
  • Reduces The Impact Of Portland Cement & Flyash Shortages & Delivery Restrictions
  • Save Time, Money, And Natural Resources

While Portland cement is a very useful and necessary product, there are five major concerns when using it:

  1. Adverse Environmental Impact of Portland Cement Production
  2. Cost Per Square Yard
  3. Reflective Cracks That Lead To Maintenance Problems
  4. Construction Delays Due To Shortages
  5. Portland Cement’s Use Is Generally Limited To Lower P.I. Granular Soils

ROADBOND EN 1™ reduces or eliminates each of these problems & provides a better end result for less money. Our product will save construction dollars and more importantly maintenance dollars by reducing reflective cracks without compromising the strength and durability of the pavement structure. It is simple, safe and easy to use and requires no additional construction steps or procedures. While it may be tempting to remain with flawed but accepted practices, the benefits of ROADBOND EN 1™ are difficult to ignore.

Enhance Portland Cement & Flyash

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