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ROADBOND EN 1™ is used in lieu of lime to stabilize clay subgrade soils. The advantages over lime include reduced water use, energy consumption, and CO2 emissions. It is also placed, mixed, compacted, and finished in one operation without the need to remix. Many projects are placed and paved in less than 5 days!

Stabilize Clay Subgrade Soil


ROADBOND EN 1™ is used to enhance the effectiveness of conventional stabilizers such as Portland cement and fly ash. This means the amount of conventional stabilizer can be reduced by 40% to 50% without a corresponding drop in strength.

Enhance Portland Cement & Flyash


ROADBOND EN 1™ improves the strength of base material and recycled in-place material. Field trials and lab tests confirm that soil treated with ROADBOND EN 1™ is significantly stronger than untreated material and that the strength improves over time.

Improves Base Material


ROADBOND EN 1™ patented soil stabilizer is used to encapsulate and confine oil base drill cuttings to provide long-term prevention of leaching of heavy metals and petroleum hydrocarbons into the environment. This is an economical, on-site or near-the-site process for treating these heavily contaminated drill cuttings.

Encapsulate and Contain Contaminants

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