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Reinforce: Improves Strength and Durability of Roadbase

ROADBOND EN 1™ is used to Improve Portland Cement & Flyash for Soil Cement Stabilization

ROADBOND EN 1™ improves the strength of base material and recycled in-place material. Field trials and lab tests confirm that soil treated with ROADBOND EN 1™ is significantly stronger than untreated material and that the strength improves over time.

This allows the use of reclaimed material and lower quality local base material for many projects that would otherwise require the hauling of more expensive crushed stone base to the job site. ROADBOND EN 1™ saves time, transportation expense, and natural resources.

Lab tests, field trials and many years of general use speak to the effectiveness of ROADBOND EN 1™. Hundreds of projects in differing climates, soil types and constructions methods have led to the widespread acceptance of ROADBOND EN 1™ as a proven soil stabilizer.

The benefits of ROADBOND EN 1™ are:

  • Greater strength and the strength improves over time
  • More compaction & density
  • Longer durability
  • Increased load-bearing capacity
  • Reduced permeability
  • Reduced swelling in clay soils
  • Less dust and erosion
  • Saves time, money and natural resources

Improves Base Material

Case Study TXDOT Loop 820

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