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Replace: Lime In Clay Sub-Grade Soil

Clay Soil Stabilization

ROADBOND EN 1™ is used in lieu of lime to stabilize clay subgrade soils. The advantages over lime include reduced water use, energy consumption, and CO2 emissions. It is also placed, mixed, compacted, and finished in one operation without the need to remix. Many projects are placed and paved in less than 5 days!

Lab tests and field trials have been conducted on high P.I. clay soils in order to evaluate the effectiveness of ROADBOND EN 1™. The general findings are that ROADBOND EN 1™ improves the strength of clay soils and the strength improves over time. Also, the dry weight of the treated soil increases slightly and the treated soil is 2-times less permeable than untreated soil and 4-times less permeable than lime treated soil.


  • Reduces The Carbon Footprint Of The Project
  • No Adverse Reaction To Sulfates In The Soil
  • Installs In One Day Instead Of Several Days
  • Does Not Require Remixing


  • Provides A Working Table For Construction In Adverse Weather
  • Improves The Strength Of Soil
  • Reduces The Swell Potential
  • Reduces The Permeability And Suction


Boulders Apartments

Covenant Church

This is case study regarding an apartment complex called Boulders Apartments reporting a $20,000 savings.

This is a case study of a parking lot done for the Covenant Church in 1995.  ROADBOND EN 1™ was applied in one day and after 13 years the parking lot shows no cracks.

Hampton Inn

Mansfield, Texas

This is a Hampton in located in Hurst Texas.  The Parking lot was treated with ROADBOND EN 1™ instead of lime generating $14,000 dollars in savings for the owner.

In 2007 the City of Mansfield, Texas extended roads to meet Hwy 360. The Project consisted of 46,000 square yards of concrete. By using ROADBOND EN 1™ instead of lime, the city saved $80,000 dollars

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