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2018 Best in the United States | US Builders Review

2018 Best in the United States | US Builders Review
July 24, 2018 Chris Hart

For years, the methods used to stabilize roads were temporary, ineffective and environmentally damaging. But as Roadbond Service Co. proves, sometimes the simplest solutions can yield the biggest, most lasting impacts. – Jim Cavan, US Builders Review

The following excerpt was pulled from the eight page case study published earlier this year:

“In the early 1980s, long before ROADBOND EN 1 became an industry standard, Ervin Merritt was just trying to keep his family’s cotton farm afloat.

As a side business, the elder Merritt had started developing liquid foliar fertilizers. One day, after applying a new blend to the soil, Merritt noticed something peculiar: not only had the chemical successfully leached elements out of rock; it also made the soil itself extremely hard. A few years later, Ervin invited his son, Steve, to look at a site he’d treated with ROADBOND. “There were no potholes, no loose materials,” recalls Steve Merritt. “Just a few hundred feet away, on the section that hadn’t been treated, there were potholes everywhere. The difference was remarkable.”

Steve joined the new family venture shortly thereafter. Jobsite by jobsite, study by study, the product’s profile grew. Today, Merritt says ROADBOND is beginning to penetrate markets well beyond the Lone Star State, with projects as far afield as Africa and China. In fact, prior to the 2008 Summer Olympics, Chinese officials commissioned ROADBOND for a number of projects in and around Beijing. “The last time I had my passport stamped, I didn’t have any pages left for a visa,” Merritt quips. “I never expected to be traveling the world, but it’s a testament to how well the product works.”


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