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Ozark-St. Francis National Forest

Ozark-St. Francis National Forest
May 12, 2011 Steve Merritt

The St. Francis National Forest covers 22,600 acres in eastern Arkansas.

ROADBOND EN 1 was first tested in 1991 to eliminate corrugations on steep grades along Jethro Road.

The project’s success has lead to over 19 years of use and hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.

ROADBOND EN 1 is a proven product with a history spanning 3 decades.

The U.S. Forest Service began searching in 1986 for a reliable and cost effective way to stabilize their unpaved roads in the Ozark-St. Francis National Forest. These unpaved roads are located in mountainous terrain that receives fifty inches of rain each year and six to eight weeks of freezing and thawing temperatures. The roads are required to handle heavy logging traffic and forest visitors. Their objective was to find a product that would increase the soil strength while securing surface aggregate to the traveled section of the road.
ROADBOND EN 1 achieves this and more by breaking down the naturally occurring cohesive materials in the soil. The ROADBOND EN 1 solution is mixed into the base material and compacted. The liquefied mineral and clay particulate then cure, eliminating voids and creating a strong, dense and durable base. The U.S. Forest Service first used ROADBOND EN 1 in 1993. The results were impressive.
There were noticeable increases in strength, flexibility and resistance to the elements. Silt runoffs from the road surface to surrounding creeks and waterways have been greatly reduced. The U.S. Forest Service would typically have to replace the surface material every four years. That has been extended for more that thirteen years with virtually no maintenance other than the clearing of lateral drainage ditches. The advantages associated with ROADBOND EN 1 have saved the U.S. Forrest Service an estimated $10,000 per mile. These savings compound every four or five years for the life of the roadway. With over thirty miles stabilized with ROADBOND EN 1 this equates to a savings of around $ 300,000 and additional savings in the out years totaling more than $900,000.
ROADBOND EN 1 has enabled the Forest Service to maintain a viable road system in spite of annual budget cuts and downsizing in the workforce.

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